To Mrs. Ieni's

 Fourth Grade!

4TH Grade Schedule

8:35- Homeroom/Band Lessons

9:00 - Math 

10:10- Snack

10:20 - Reader's Workshop

11:10 - Word Study

11:130- Specials

12:15- Writer's Workshop

1:00 - Lunch

1:30- Recess

2:00 - FIT

2:30 - Content area 

Classroom needs

plastic utensils

 small ziplocks

indoor board games, cards, etc

Clorox wipes

Fourth Grade News

Fourth graders are working hard learning the routines and expectations of fourth grade.  Our day is full to the brim.  Remember if your child has any difficulty with homework, please email me or write me a note.  Homework should take no more than an hour!  

Scholastic Book Order Code - HHXQJ

Homework Tips

1.  Have a set place for homework and keep a pencil box filled with all the supplies they need.

2.  Set a time limit. No more than 1 hour should be spent on homework.

3.  Have students work on the easier homework first.

4.  If they struggle with a concept, write the teacher a note with the unfinished work. 

5. If they are not doing their work, make it my problem and just put it away unfinished.