To Mrs. Ieni's

 Fourth Grade!

4TH Grade Schedule

8:35- Homeroom/Band Lessons

9:00 - Math 

10:10- Snack

10:20 - Reader's Workshop

11:10 - Word Study

11:130- Specials

12:15- Writer's Workshop

1:00 - Lunch

1:30- Recess

2:00 - FIT

2:30 - Content area 

Classroom needs

plastic utensils

 small ziplocks

indoor board games, cards, etc

Clorox wipes

Fourth Grade News

Welcome to distance learning!  Its all new to everyone so don't stress out.  We will get through this together.

Scholastic Book Order Code - HHXQJ

Homework Tips

1.  Have a set place for school work.

2.  Let students email me or you email me with questions.

3.  Have students work on the easier assignments first.

4.  If they struggle with a concept, email me.

5. This doesn't have to be their whole day. They usually have other things during the day too.